Do you want to turn your used vehicle into cash? If yes, are you aware of what you need to put into consideration before doing so? First off, a salvage yard with a "cash for cars program is your best bet for selling an old car.

That said, here are 6 tips on selling your used car.

Get your car looking its best

It is quite evident how important presentation can be when it comes to marketing anything. A car with a better appearance is more likely to earn you more money. You need to spend valuable time cleaning both the inner and outer parts of your car. It has to look appealing to any prospective buyer. You can hand this work to a mobile car detailer if you are not well suited to do it. Maintain the clean look of your car throughout the period it is on sale.


Conduct thorough research before settling on a particular price for your car. Nevertheless, you can still set a high-end price, but make sure you give a good explanation for it. There's a chance that you have customized your used car with high standard additions and want value for your cash for cars OC. Getting it right in your pricing will by and large attract potential buyers.

Advertise your car

These days the Internet offers the best avenue for almost everything. It has provided a new and better platform for sellers and buyers to interact. It is also proven to be among the cheapest avenues to advertise goods and services. Exercise utmost care as you choose to advertise your vehicle online because it has its shortcomings too. Never include your home address in the ad, this is recommended to lessen any shortcomings that might come with it. Even so, remember to mention any extras your car has in the ad. To learn more about car dealers, visit


Make sure the vehicle logbook, owner's manual and service reports are there for the buyer to check. Also avail extra documents like receipts of any upgrades. In order to have a smooth sale, keep these documents well. Ensure you inform the buyer about the amount of registration remaining for the cash for cars anaheim.

The test drive

Make sure you ask the buyer to be in possession of their drivers' license before you meet for the test drive. If the buyer doesn't have an authentic driving license don't allow them to get behind the wheel. Nonetheless, it is prudent to ask your insurance company if they cover any accidents that occur during a test drive.

Prepare a receipt

Once the buyer is fully committed to buying your car, it is prudent that you offer them a receipt stating that the car is being sold as seen. Make sure you keep a signed copy of the receipt.